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Welcome to our law firm in Innsbruck. We’ve been here since 1978, at the geographical centre of the Alps with its economic regions Austria, Southern Germany, Northern Italy and Switzerland.

As a team of lawyers with years of successful practice in civil and commercial law, we can provide you, as a private individual or as a company, with comprehensive advice and representation in our specialist areas of law both in non-litigious matters as well as legal proceedings in all national courts and administrative authorities.

We also practise extrajudicial conflict resolution through innovative procedures such as mediation and CL (Collaborative Law).

Hauska & Matzunski – lawyers with sensitivity and understanding
We live our guiding principle
Our guiding principle is, at one and the same time, what we offer: to provide you with reliable and competent support to help you shape your business and personal life; to safeguard your achievements; to defend you from unavoidable attacks; and to solve problems. 
Personal service rather than size is what matters to us, complemented by a national and international network equal to every conceivable demand.  
Fast and careful work
We place great value on the fast and careful work of our legal staff and on our efficient and highly trained administrative team who use the latest communication systems and specialist databanks.
Hauska & Matzunski in Innsbruck
Your lawyers with sensitivity and understanding
As competent lawyers, we look forward to resolving your individual case for you – if necessary, with our international network for legal assistance abroad – and await with pleasure your phone call or written enquiry!