Hauska & Matzunski – comprehensive help in many areas of the law

The firm Hauska & Matzunski can offer you help in many areas of the law. With our international partnerships and our expertise built up over decades, you’ll find in us someone to talk to about any question in any area.

An overview of our areas of particular expertise

Our services for businesses

  • Company law, business law
    We set up companies in all legal forms and support your business in all legal matters, contracts and commercial law issues with regard to your ongoing development.

  • Trade law
    The Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act imposes administrative regulations on corporate life. We support business people and their companies in securing and protecting all their entitlements.

  • Employment law and social law
    We use our experience to advise and represent businesses in the formulation of service contracts and resolution of industrial disputes as well as in matters of social law.

  • Debt collection
    For more than 30 years the law firm Hauska & Matzunski has been a specialist in using every technical and legal means in judicial or extrajudicial debt collection of receivables both for and against businesses and consumers.

  • Insolvency
    One of the major areas of competence at the Hauska & Matzunski law firm is: the care of businesses in crisis; judicial or extrajudicial commercial restructuring as well as ongoing operation; sale or necessary liquidation of bankrupt businesses, as insolvency administrators, to the advantage of the business and its creditors.

  • Building law and property
    The construction, utilisation and maintenance of buildings are all based on purchase contracts, service contracts, condominium contracts, tenancy agreements etc., which we can lodge with the relevant companies in accordance with the specific requirements of the respective project.

  • Tenancy law
    Tenancy  or leasehold rights for managerial purposes on plots of land, manufacturing or office spaces, company housing etc. as well as investment in letting and leasing are an important economic factor and require a water-tight formulation of the contract and legal representation, both of which we provide, in order to avoid tenancy law disputes and their considerable economic disadvantages.

  • Competition law
    We protect businesses from dishonest business practices by their competitors, advise them on their own entry into the market and defend their intellectual property and their acquired individual rights.

  • Liability law and compensation
    The liability of businesses for their products and professional services and for resulting damages can become a considerable economic burden. Acting on behalf of the businesses affected, we use our many years of experience to pursue claims for compensation and liability or contest these with all legal means at our disposal.


Our services for private individuals

  • Employment law and social law
    As an employee you have the right to a fair employment contract and protection from bullying, unlawful dismissal or release and also safeguarding of your pension entitlements. We will intercede to provide this protection, both for the business manager and for the employee or worker from the moment of taking up employment to possible industrial dispute.

  • Building law and real estate
    You buy a plot of land and build a house or purchase a freehold apartment to satisfy your individual desires. In order to avoid any expensive surprises with one of the most important investments in your life and to safeguard your money, we will examine or draw up the necessary contracts and act personally on your behalf should there be any problems.

  • Tenancy law
    Somewhere to live and the associated rent is a basic need of all people, which demands legal protection.  The many intricacies of tenancy law and the right of residence demand a specialist who can advantageously draw up your contract from the point of view of the landlord or tenant and successfully represent you in the case of disputes, for which we are well equipped by virtue of our many years of experience. 

  • Inheritance law
    A correct and timely Last Will and Testament taking into consideration the stated beneficiaries and the endowments made during one’s lifetime ensures the desired distribution of the bequeathed estate and avoids disputes amongst the heirs. For years we’ve been advising private individuals in the formulation of their Last Will and Testament and representing the rights of the heirs in the probate process.
  • Liability law and compensation
    For more than 30 years we’ve been dealing with liability and compensation claims arising from road traffic accidents and sports injuries, defective products or services, medical malpractice and all sorts of other damages. You can have complete confidence in us.

  • Insolvency
    Hauska & Matzunski are specialists in corporate and private insolvency law.  Whether you’re a creditor or debtor, we’ll do our very best to represent your interests and pursue your claims.

  • Media law
    The violation of personal rights and invasion of personal privacy including defamation of character by the media often has far-reaching negative effects on the life, family and work of the person affected.  We react quickly on that person’s behalf with a demand based on media law for an injunction, publication of a right of reply and compensation for the injury suffered.