Dr. Gerald Hauska

born. 1945
Dr. jur. 1972 - University of Innsbruck
Lawyer since 1977
Mediator since 2001
Collaborative lawyer

Dr. Gerald Hauska founded the law firm, which he built up and developed into Hauska & Matzunski Lawyers` Partnership  in accordance with his motto ‘The business does not live for me alone, but also for those who accompany me or succeed me’.
His hobbies: grandchildren, gardening, travel, art and sport


German, English, conversational French and Italian.

Specialist areas:

Inheritance law, building law, property law, business law, company law, competition law, media law

Dr. Herbert Matzunski

born. 1959
Dr. jur. 1983 - University of Innsbruck
Lawyer since 1989
Insolvency administrator

Dr. Herbert Matzunski is the ever reliable first partner. He is passionate about the law and, as a specialist in bankruptcy law, has rescued many a business with his commercial expertise.
His hobbies: philately, literature, sport


German, English, French

Specialist areas:

Bankruptcy law, employment law, banking and financial law, liability law and tort, debt collection, insurance law, administrative law

Mag. Christian Mair

born. 1977
Mag. jur. 2003 - University of Graz
Lawyer since 2010
Insolvency administrator

Our highly promising junior partner is a competent, forward-looking lawyer carrying our hopes for the future.
His hobbies: family, technology, sport and travel


German, English, conversational French

Specialist areas:

General civil law, employment law, building law, debt collection, company law, property law, tort, taxation law, administrative law