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We have built up strong international connections to provide legal services to our domestic clients in other countries, on the one hand, and to represent foreign clients in Austria, on the other.


World Link for Law

Since 1993, the law offices have been a member of Worldlink for Law, an expanding association of more than 60 independent, medium sized business oriented law offices with controlled quality standards and branches in most of the financial and business centers of Europe, U.S. and the rest of the world.

World Link for Law was founded in 1980. It is a network of currently 60 law offices in 66 business locations in 40 countries. As one of the world's largest groups, the network has more than 300 lawyers and more than 600 legal assistants, giving it the magnitude and the capacity to fulfil the demands of our clients. 

Our network consists of ambitious and experienced lawyers who, in collaboration with their numerous professional contacts, perform legal and economic services for companies whose own lawyers, other legal capacities or private persons, require a lawyer in a different country.

Our structure makes it possible for us to supply such services in an efficient manner, particularly for small and medium sized companies which are expanding in international commerce.

Numerous networked law offices are especially recommended in international professional listings.

Finding a lawyer in a different country who has a suitable area of expertise and experience, moreover who has high quality standards and speaks your language, is often quite a difficult task.

World Link for Law can help in the following areas:

  • Establishing companies or branches abroad
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Conducting court disputes and executing court rulings
  • Debt recovery in different countries
  • Purchase or rental of commercial or private real estate
  • Registering international brand names and trademarks
  • Commercial law in the Internet
  • Counsel and representation for international commercial/sales partners, commercial representatives and compiling contracts.

Through our database we are in a position to locate the suitable specialists for your needs.

World Link for Law also ensures by means of quality control that all members possess and maintain high standards of achievement. They are subject to a quality code devised by World Link for Law, which regulates the type and form of collaboration for clients, in particular:client contact, mionimum reaction time, reporting, accounting and the fundamental management of a case or a transaction in order to win the approval of the client.

As an integrated network, we have flexible working methods. In legal matters between two or more countries, the services of a member law office in the applicable country are managed and coordinated, unless you prefer direct contact to the respective lawyers in the participating countries.

Last but not least, World Link for Law offers general free legal and business information for various countries on their website.

Other affiliations:

Tyrolean Bar Association